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Cannot save values into fragment using unordered access view buffer

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I am trying to modify a value before saving a fragment into an UAV but it does not work.


HLSL source code

struct FragmentData
     uint ID;

struct FragmentLink
     FragmentData Data;
     uint nNext;

float4 PS(ScenePS_Input input) : SV_TARGET
     uint x = input.Position.x;        // [0,g_nFrameWidth]
     uint y = input.Position.y;        // [0,g_nFrameHeight]

     // Create fragment data.
     FragmentLink element;
     element.fragmentData.ID = 5;

     // Increment and get current pixel count.
    uint nPixelCount= FLBuffer.IncrementCounter();

    // Read and update Start Offset Buffer.
    uint nIndex = y * g_nFrameWidth + x;
    uint nStartOffsetAddress = 4 * nIndex;
    uint nOldStartOffset;
        nStartOffsetAddress, nPixelCount, nOldStartOffset );

    // Store fragment link.
    element.nNext = nOldStartOffset;
    FLBuffer[ nPixelCount ] = element;

    return float4(1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f);

In main source code, 

        HRESULT hr;
        ID3D11Buffer* pDebugBuf = CreateAndCopyToDebugBuf( pDevice, pD3DContext, pFragmentLink );
        D3D11_MAPPED_SUBRESOURCE MappedResource;     
        V( pD3DContext->Map( pDebugBuf, 0, D3D11_MAP_READ, 0, &MappedResource ) );
        FragmentLink* pData = reinterpret_cast< FragmentLink* >( MappedResource.pData );
        int nSize = pBackBufferDesc->Width * pBackBufferDesc->Height * 8;
        for( int i=0; i<nSize; ++i ) 	
            FragmentLink data = pData[ i ];
            if( data.nNext == 0xFFFFFFFF ) {
                int nBreak = 0;
	        if (data.fragmentData.ID != 5)				
		    int a = 1;
        pD3DContext->Unmap( pDebugBuf, 0 );
        SAFE_RELEASE( pDebugBuf ); 

there are some fragments' ID are 0, the rest are 5. I do not understand the reason why fragments' ID are 0. Is there anybody experience this problem before? Help me, please. Thanks.

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I have already tested with the number of fragments in UAV. I figured out that only a part of UAV is occupied, so that the empty elements have its ID value is 0. However, in the second pass, after saving all fragments into a UAV, I get all fragments belongs to the current pixel as following:

    uint nIndex = (uint)input.pos.y * g_nFrameWidth + (uint)input.pos.x;
    uint x = (uint)input.pos.x;
    uint y = (uint)input.pos.y;

    FragmentData aData[ MAX_ELEMENTS ];            
    uint nNumFragment = 0;                         
    uint nNext = StartOffsetSRV.Load(nIndex);

    // early exit if no fragments in the linked list.
    if( nNext == 0xFFFFFFFF )
		return BACKGROUND;

    while( nNext != 0xFFFFFFFF ) 
        FragmentLink element = FragmentLinkSRV[nNext];		        
        aData[nNumFragment] = element.fragmentData;

	int j = nNumFragment;
	while ( (j>0) && (aData[max(j-1, 0)].nDepthAndCoverage > aData[j].nDepthAndCoverage) )
		uint jminusone = max(j-1, 0);
		FragmentData temp = aData[j];
		aData[j] = aData[jminusone];
		aData[jminusone] = temp;

	//check if the next fragment's index is greater than the number of fragments in the UAV
	if (element.nNext >= UAV_Counter)
		return GREEN;

	nNext = element.nNext;

The problem is sometimes the next fragment's index is greater than the number of fragments in the UAV. Is there anybody know the reason? Please, help me. Thanks

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One more thing that I do not use Compute Shader in this program, is there possible to use UAV without Compute shader?

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