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Need help designing my variable type/struct...

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I want to create a variable type like an int. But I want to overload the = so I can add some extra code. It is important that I can reference it exactly like a normal variable. So far I''ve come up with this:
typedef unsigned int u32

struct Int32 {
	u32 value;
	void operator=( const u32 valparam ) {
		this->value = valparam;
		// add some more code here later

This allows me to do this:
Int32 myValue;
myValue = 254;
But it doesn''t work when I do this next:
fprint("%i", myValue);
How can I make it so that I can reference myValue like a normal int because I don''t want to do this: myValue.value. Maybe I''m looking in the wrong direction and I need to do something completely different. Or maybe it''s just impossible... Any help on this would be great. Thanks in advance, Jasper

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Not possible. But since you''re using C++ (I see you''re using overloaded operators), you can make it possible to use your struct as an intrinsic type with istream and ostream objects (another reason to ditch C library functions once and for all):

struct Int32
unsigned int value;
int &operator= (const unsigned int val)
value = val;
return *this;
friend istream &operator>> (istream &is, Int32 &i);
friend ostream &operator<< (ostream &os, Int32 &i);
istream &operator>> (istream &is, Int32 &i)
is >> i.value;
return is;
ostream &operator<< (ostream &os, Int32 &i)
os << i.value;
return os;
// you can now do this:
Int32 i = 45;
cout << i << endl;
cout << "Enter an integer number: ";
cin >> i;

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You could overload operator int for the class, then pass it in like this:
fprintf ("%d", (int) objectOfMyClass);

I believe the syntax is:
MyClass::operator int () const
return value;

Gotta jet, so feel free to flame if there are mistakes with this.

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That''s exactly what I was looking for! Thanks Stoffel.
Oluseyi: Although your method works it''s not a very useful alternative to me. I wanted to pass the value to any function that way not only output it. But thanks for your reply anyway.
Damn you guys are fast. Well thanks for solving this.


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