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What should my priority be for my game now?

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So, given a handful of variables, I'm trying to think of what my main focus should be for my game atm.  I'm throwing a few scenarios out there now, and giving you all a chance to give me a few ideas.  I ask because I'm a bit stuck, mentally.  There's much to be done, but what to tackle first, and in what order... decisions, decisions.


Should I be... 

  1. Polishing up my game for iFest (Seattle) before May 3rd?
  2. Porting my game to Android? (I already have Mac, Win32, and iOS done)
  3. Working on a trailer?
  4. Focusing on a press kit?
  5. Creating a demo for Steam?
  6. Updating the website with UTD information about my game?
  7. Finishing up the HTML5 browser demo of my game?
  8. File for the LLC (I've been putting that off for a bit too long)?

Or what?  My game's progress was moving along rather fast, until I had to take a day career again.  Before then, I'd spend at least 60+ hours a week working on this, from sun up till sunset.  Now I'm fortunate to get at least 20, even on the weekends, assuming I can focus outside of work.


This is the order I'm guessing I should do things: 6, 1, 7, 3, 4, 5, 8, 2.


What do you suggest?  Thanks.



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This would be the order I would sugguest:


8  // Business, especially when you dont like it like me, will be a barrier later on , so try to adress/trigger it as early as possible.

1 // Show off termin, then go polish it now.

3+4 // You want a trailer and presskit ready when hitting iFest ,right ?

6 // Update the website when being at iFest

5+7 // Start with marketing before making a demo. You will need some interesting news to feed the community, a demo is one, so no need to rush it.

2 // You already a wide range of plattforms, so the least important feature is an other plattform. Focus on the game polishing and marketing first.

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Still thinking of ways to market my game without having an actual demo, trailer and just screenshots that don't do the game justice.  I'm on Twitter, but I'm afraid that's not enough.  As much as I hate facebook, I'm going to need it.



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1) File for LLC!  This can not wait any longer!


2) Updating the website with UTD information about my game (Needs my #1 above here to show that you have a company.)


3) Finishing up the HTML5 browser demo of my game (Another point is here to show professionalism.)


4) Polish for iFest!   This could be great exposure for you and your game. My 1,2, and 3 should be in place and ready to hook people. You are ready to promote your game!


5) Porting my game to Android (It is worth the effort for the potential big return on your investment.)


6) Focus on a press kit


7) Work on a trailer


8) Create a demo for Steam (Least likely to gain you a rapid entrance into this segment of the market)


The last few could change based on circumstances. 


Professionalism must be emphasized and you should be ready for the possibility for unexpected early interest in your game.

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I have been working on two games with a team this last year, we are to release our first mobile game soon.


Our biggest problem was that the government has funding projects..but we missed the first deadline for this because we needed to have a real company.


Now we are also in conversation with an investment company, and guess what the first thing was they did? They redirected us to an accountant to start a real company!


So if you want to try things like that, yes, make work of it. 

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Start with the LLC (or some other corporate entity, whatever is favorable for your situation in your state - or wherever you live).


Somebody will be driving somewhere playing your game on a laptop on the dashboard and when they get into an accident you'll be the one they're all suing.

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