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Makefile Problems

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I''m in a C++ class in college and having a little trouble with my makefile. We''re using a unix version of g++ and we have to write our own makefiles. Supposedly this is somehow easier than using MSVC++ or some crap like that. anyway - my makefile doesn''t quite work correctly. I can get it to work but it won''t work the way I need it to to get any grade at all on my project assign6 : String.o assign6.o g++ -Wall -o assign6 assign6.o String.o String.o : String.h String.C g++ -Wall -c String.h String.C assign6.o : assign6.C String.h g++ -Wall -c assign6.C String.h clean : -rm *.o assign6 there it is. When I type make at the prompt it tells me this - g++ -Wall -c String.h String.C g++: Compilation of header file requested *** Error code 1 make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `String.o'' If I type "make String.o" and then make it goes without a hitch, but if it doesn''t make by only typing make I get a 0. if anyone could help that''d be great. Use the WriteCoolGame() function Works every time

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