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Unending Galaxy - 2D Space Opera / Sandbox / 4X [0.5.5 alpha]

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Unending Galaxy aims to become a 2D sandbox/simulation game based in space. It will be available on PC/Windows at first and may be ported on mobile platforms at a later stage. For those who are familiar with the X-Universe series (The Threat, Terran Conflict, Albion Prelude), this is a very similar game concept-wise but with a much more dynamic universe, a more arcade combat and a 4X aspect in the late game once the player becomes a faction himself. The player can trade, do missions, fight, build factories and so on. Factions are able to conquer territory and conduct diplomacy. The economy of each empire influences its military production capacity. Most missions will be generated based on what's actually going on in the galaxy (instead of what is usually the other way around).


[attachment=21652:ShaderNear.png] [attachment=21653:Snap642.png]


Most art assets are taken for AI:War, thanks for the share !

We also have a dedicated artist now, so expect improvements in that area


Project Page



The final product will feature

  • A very large galaxy map (up to hundreds of sectors).
  • The ability the generate random galaxies or use hand-crafted ones.
  • Several factions fighting for supremacy over the resources available.
  • Complex faction AI, military and diplomacy.
  • A dynamic universe where your missions and actions have an impact in the game.
  • Tons of ships, factories, weapons and wares to build and trade.
  • The ability for the player to control multiple ships and claim sectors.
  • Moving from sector to sector with no loading screen or delay.
  • Camera zoom function, RTS like controls when handling multiple ships
  • Multithreaded application able to take advantage of multiple CPU cores.
  • And, of course, pirates and crazy robots !

[attachment=21651:Snap654.png] [attachment=22425:Snap668.png] [attachment=22426:scrsaturday1.png] [attachment=22427:galmapwithinfo.png]


Video available


A youtube video of the first build is available, it's choppy however. Not because of the game but because of my slow hard drive and the recorder. It's also fairly out of date.



An early alpha version is available for download


Most features are missing, but you can still move around, shoot stuff, collect loot, hunt bounties, try ships, try the RTS type controls and so on. Since 0.5 it is also possible to start the game with your own empire, it's mostly automated apart from the diplomacy part that you can manage.


However no missions per say, no sound, many incomplete features and probably a lot of bugs. Cheat/Debug Menu enabled smile.png


Feedback is welcome.


Download Page [v0.5.5 - size : around 35 MB]

Getting Started Guide



Looking for

Performance and bug reports from various machines (showing FPS, disabling the cap and letting the game run for a while) would also come in handy.



System Requirements

  • Graphic card with DirectX 9.0c and Pixel shaders 2.0 support
  • 1Gb RAM
  • 50Mb Hard Drive space
  • Windows XP SP1 or later (in theory, game has only been tested on Win7 machines)
  • DirectX 9.0c or later installed



Thank you for your time smile.png

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The version 0.5.5 is available (and we dropped the "pre" from pre-alpha).


It's quite a huge update but the main features are as follow:

  • Fullscreen support that should handle any resolution
  • Dynamic economy with prices varying according to supply and demand
  • Shiny new galactic map you can give orders from
  • Mining ships, bounty hunters and pirate raiders
  • Improved faction AI, diplomacy and war handling
  • Much nicer user interface

The full article with download links is available here.

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