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Online Multiplayer 2d Action/Adventure Hacking Game

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Hey all. New here to gamedev. Happy to part of this awesome community. We're trying to spread the word of a highly-addictive fun game called zSILENCER or otherwise known as Silencer. Here's some more information about it taken from Arsiamons.io.


You can get the game here over at zsilencer.com.




What is Silencer?
It is the near future on Mars, and the government is up to no good. As a result, there are powers that are trying to overthrow the government, known as Silencers. They are hackers and brokers of secrets, and they are not friendly to each other. Choose your agency well, and be wary and fast.
Silencer pits you against other players online. You are all vying for secrets, and trying to get rid of your competition through disguise, traps, and straight out shooting. At the same time, you need to beat them to the Secrets, and get the Secrets back to your base without getting killed. Use technology to your advantage, but choose your timing well.


History of Silencer
Silencer was released in 1999 by Mind Control Software and was playable through Won.net. After 13 years, the game is back online.
Silencer is multiplayer only team based capture-the-flag style game. Players control high-tech hackers on Mars called "Silencers," who are trying to overthrow the tyrannical Martian government. Hack military computers, then stash the recovered secrets in your hidden base. The first team of Silencers to retrieve three top secrets wins the mission. The losers are identified and destroyed by the Martian Central Authority. There are five underground Silencer agencies vying for power. Players choose one when they create a Silencer character.
What is zSilencer?
13 years later an anonymous fan of Silencer took on the task of recreating Silencer. zSilencer is a 99% replica of the original Silencer and completely functional and online. Many of the players that played 13 years ago are coming back and new people are discovering the game. I suspect this game is going to be popular again. The community is strong and growing with nightly games going on for hours with several large matches.


Check out this YouTube channel for some gameplay footage.








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