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Gavin Williams

Relative or absolute coordinate system

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In a game I'm making for college, I'm using a relative PlayRegion (0,0 - 100,100). It's a sprite based game. I started using relative because the monitors at school are slightly smaller than my HD screen at home, and I figured i may as well support both. But it becomes a bit strange working with relative, because it always has to be rounded to real coordinates.


Now, considering that it's best to render sprites at their true resolution, my new thinking is that i should instead have profiles for supported resolutions and each profile load a different sprite set and set PlayRegion and Actor.Size's appropriate to each resolution.


Does that sound preferable ? I guess I'm asking if relative coordinates always tend to run into problems with sprite based games?



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it depends whether you will change the gameplay if you let players see a bigger region when they play on a bigger screen.

if there is no drawback and gameplay stays the same, keep the proper pixel ratio, but if there are gameplay changes, then rather scale or make a letter box.


some games have various side menus to crop the playregion to always the same size.


another, yet a bit overpowered solution, is to have all art in way higher resolution (e.g. 4x4 higher) and render it with anisotropic filtering on the gpu to any resolution, it should end up quite detailed with not really noticeable scaling artifacts.

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