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Texture Banding

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White banding is appearing on textures when viewed from an angle.


This texture is used:



And white bands appear like so:




What can be causing this?

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Does this video explain your problem, or are you experiencing something else?



EDIT: Oh sorry, I didn't understand at once that the texture you are talking about is the small flag you have...  No it is not the same problem then, but still an interesting video, lol.  Sorry about that.


For your problem, you shouldn't have any white banding like that.  Are you sure you are giving correct texture coordinates, or that the image you are loading really is filling the whole texture, or the image you are loading doesn't have that banding itself?  


To me it looks like you are drawing several of those quads on top of each other shifting them one pixel towards the top left corner every time.  It should still not create that white banding.


Edit2: And then I realise that I can't find the texture you are saying you are using anywhere on your picture at all.   Maybe you are not talking about the flag anyway?  Can you give more details?  Are you supplying two textures for your quad?  How do you blend the textures?  Are the textures the same size?  And again, are you using the right coordinates for both of your textures?  Is it a box you are drawing, or several quads on top of each other?

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