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Android 13

Newbie Question.........

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Sorry man wasnt me. I assume your talking about Metal Gear Solid 2? But it wasnt me. Sorry.

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Original post by Android 13
What line/lines of code would you use to let the user save thier progress.

That''s a complex topic (not the saving - the progress bit). Essentially you need to save all important variables and statistics so that when the user loads it back, everything is exactly as they left it.

Anyway, saving a file:

  1. Create a file stream object. Output file streams are good enough.

  2. Open the file to save to; if you want to create the file if it doesn''t already exist, be sure not to set the ios::nocreate bit.

  3. Write the data out using the standard insertion operator (<<), just as you would with cout.

  4. Close the file.

Code to do it? Man, that''s half the fun (figuring stuff out)!

Okay, I relented:

#include <fstream>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
ofstream ofile;
// this will open the file if it exists and overwrite its contents:
// to append (add to the end) data to the file, use this:
// ofile.open("filename.ext", ios::app);
// make sure the file opened correctly:
cout << "Could not open filename.ext!" << endl;
return -1;
// you can now write data out just like cout (the beauty of stream objects)
int i = 42;
float f = 42.00f;
char c = 42;
ofile << i << endl // save the integer to the file; newline
<< f << endl // save the float to the file; newline
<< c << endl; // save the char to the file; newline
// close the file:
return 0;

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But, how do we write a page of data? Is it very advanced?

What I''ve used and failed:
ofstream out;
for(int x=0;x<strlen(str);x++){

It seems that with these, I can only get a few lines of input.
I welcome any comments and advice.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
savagerx: why are you get()''ing from an output stream? (I''ll assume that was a typo). Also, you only get up to the length of your str (buffer) characters of data

To read in a "page" of data (what is a page? Let''s assume a page is 25 lines for this discussion - or 1024k in 80x25?)

ifstream in;
cout << "failed to open filename.ext" << endl;
return -1;
char str[255]; // be excessive
in.getline(str, 255, ''\n''); // break on newline
// save data in str somewhere; my favorite place is in a vector
// this time though, we''ll just print it to the screen:
cout << str << endl;

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