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My new Mobile game: Veritas LCD. An Open World LCD Adventure

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Hi all,
I have recently completed development of an Android adventure game called Veritas: light Conquers Darkness. I am talking to some publishers at the moment and I hope Veritas will be in the wild in the coming days.
Please check out the trailer here:
The homepage is here. More pics and information: 
Some screenies:
This game will be made available at a very reasonable price and will feature NO in app purchases or advertising. It will be released for Android first and will come out on IOS afterwards if there is demand (Steam is also a very real option).
I'd love to hear your initial impressions and - if you are a games publisher - I'd love to talk to you about getting this game out there. Also - if you're a reviewer and would like to spread the word about this game, get in touch. 
Every Like, Comment, retweet helps. 
Thanks so much for reading smile.png

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Looks interesting! I like the old-school LCD choice as an aesthetic and design decision. I recall those games being so simple for the most part (Game and Watch Legend of Zelda was pretty engrossing though), but it'll be interesting to see how such a restrained design mixes with the deeper gameplay that real computing power lends.

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Hi Ravyne. It is very rewarding to read your reply: you really 'get' what I am trying to do here :) Thank you so much for posting! 


There is plenty to say on this topic: the advent of the achievement system in recent years lends itself really well to Veritas. I can't wait for everyone to experience it.


And I opted out of traditional blips and beeps in favour of realistic effects and a rousing selection of music tracks (written by Tim Beek). I am every bit as proud of how this area has turned out.


There is also a lot of lore, some beautiful artwork and I hired a very talented guy to help with the story. There is a lot going on to separate this game from the Game and Watch game you remember!


Thanks again Ravyne!

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Veritas: Light Conquers Darkness has just been released for Android via Google Play.




This is an open world adventure game with a unique LCD graphical style. There are hours of exploration ahead of you as well as stunning sound and artwork. There are achievements to unlock, 40 orbs to collect across 4 lands, as well as a beautifully illustrated game story. 


If you enjoyed SNES adventure RPGs growing up, or you have a penchant for LCD handhelds, I think you will enjoy this title. If you don't know what those things are, but you are looking for something more fulfilling than than most mobile offerings - you can do a lot worse than Veritas LCD.


Thanks for reading.

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