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Communautary Indie Platform projet !

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I am here to introduce you an independent communautary platform project, made by independent developers for independent developers : Indie Labs. We are currently doing a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo !
Up until now, most of professional independent developers aiming for the commercialization of their games were developing them with the Unity 3D game engine. To help the community, the company editing this engine, Unity Technologies, made an efficient Asset store and some very active forums.
Today, two very estimated engines in the gaming industry, the Unreal Engine 4 and the Cry Engine 3 just became affordable for independent developers with a less important monthly cost than Unity 3D. Those were previously meant for bigger and more experienced studios, and hence don't have a similar platform as the one made for Unity 3D. This is why we thought of Indie Labs.
Dedicated to the three principal middlewares of the independent videogame industry (Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4 et Cry Engine 3), Indie Labs will bring what the independent world still lacks : an exchange common platform.
Indie Labs will be composed of 4 principal sections :
  •  An Asset store where anyone can sell its creations.
  •  A searching and offering job system.
  •  A intern Crowdfunding system.
  •  Many communautary forums.
Why we need your support
Most of the stucture is ready but we need some funds to ensure a stable hosting for the platform, to make the transactions the safer possible, to enhance the ergonomics of the site and ease the interface's use with some additional softwares' licences. 
Our crowdfunding campaign already started!
The link below leads you to the Indiegogo campaign where you can find more informations about the project.
We count on your support !
If you cannot financially support us, you still can help by spreading the word about this project to your surroundings.
We thank you for your attention. If you have any questions about the project, do not hesitate ! I'll be here to answer !
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