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PolyWorld for Unity

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Inspired by the art style of Timothy Reynolds (http://www.turnislefthome.com/), Polyworld is a faceted environment package coming soon to the Unity Asset Store.

In this first work-in-progress video, I take you through the process I use to generate a low-poly, faceted normal prefab mesh from a standard Unity terrain. You can adjust the level of detail to get the amount of faceting your project needs. The best feature, however, is the ability to paint tons of textures on your Unity terrain which my Polyworld script then bakes down to the faceted mesh; no performance hit since it's all done in-editor! Light the world with the included vertex-color diffuse, image-based lighting shaders and you got the look. 

Mesh too big or too complex? The script will chop it up for you so when you render occlusion culling, you'll get that extra performance boost. 


Youtube video: 

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