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3D Virtual 1980 Pac-Man Machine

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L1ght3d    101
Hi everyone, I'm quite new here. c:
I need some suggestion. for my upcoming project
I'm working on a virtual world after being inspired by a book, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline...
The enviroment could be anything, like an arcade from 1980s. Where you could walk around and find an particular arcade machine and play it right away.
Get the idea?
This is how I'm doing to do it...
The program would automatically open a software called, "MAME" (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) and run in background. The program now will use the emulator window as the texture to use on the virtual monitor inside the game.
The real problem, which game engine can get MAME window and convert it in a realtime texture to use inside the virtual world?

This will be what it will look like, but with virtual monitor with realtime texture:





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DejaimeNeto    4221

MAME is open source, so you could simply look up its source code and find where its drawing happens.

You can browse this source code here:


Still, you'll soon realize it was built on a low level, and it won't be as simple as hooking up a global at initialization time. You'll have to go deeper than that, unfortunately.


You could also take a look at SDLMAME ( I haven't looked up its code, don't really know how much functionality it has, but I guess it would be more accessible than MAME itself...

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Spazzarama    1643

The MAME source linked by @dejaime looks like it supports D3D 8/9, DirectDraw or GDI for drawing (on Windows OS). I don't know which and when etc.. but there are methods for capturing each of these if they are used.


Alternatively, a custom build of MAME that provides an appropriate extension point (if it doesn't already exist) for grabbing the render output. MAME does have support for recording video of gameplay or taking screenshots - you might be able to leverage this somehow.

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