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Need some advice, if you please.

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Hello, Recently due to my schedule (darn marching season) I have had to completely suspend all my C++ and GameDev learning, I was wondering if any of you have taken the intro to C++ course at Gameinstitue.com, is it good, is it bad, is it in depth on only a few things, or does it lightly touch on a lot of things. When I stopped my studying I was just about to get into pointers, and had gotten proficient with arrays and basic functions. Basically the $50 course would be to refresh me in C++ and show me some new things too, but the question remains, IS IT WORTH MY 50 BUCKS!!!! Any answer appreciated. Blood_Dragon

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I just completed the C++ Course (Kind Of, still waiting on week 6's materials). Anyhow, I took the course as a refresher, as well as to evaluate it (Work seems to look to me for these things). The course itself moves at a pretty good pace. I believe it was the second week that pointers were introduced. I myself found that the course was kind of 'easy' (for lack of better words) until week 4 where upon windows programming is introduced. Week 5 then jumps into alittle DirectX.

I like Stan Trujillo's style of teaching, so much as to enroll in the DirectPlay course. The examples and exerices were very good as well.

I feel I got my $50 worth, and some.
Hope that helps.

Also the Pathfinding course was awesome.

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