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Error decompressing gif images using giflib

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Hello all


I am using giflib to parse gif files and retreive the infos I need. In genereal this works pretty nice, though there are some gifs (usually ones showing people) that have an invalid behavior. See the following video:


After further investigation i have realized, that those invalid parts are actually using the transparent color index that is given in the extension block. Right now i get the color information from the gif like that:

		mImageNumber = (mImageNumber + 1) % (mGifFile->ImageCount);
		auto& img = mGifFile->SavedImages[mImageNumber];

		auto colorMap = img.ImageDesc.ColorMap ? img.ImageDesc.ColorMap : mGifFile->SColorMap;
		memset(&mGcb, 0, sizeof(mGcb));

		int ret = DGifSavedExtensionToGCB(mGifFile, mImageNumber, &mGcb);
		int32 transparent = -1;
		if (ret == GIF_OK) {
			mHasGcb = true;
			mLastFrame = sTime->getGameTime();
			transparent = mGcb.TransparentColor;
		} else {
			mHasGcb = false;

		for (uint32 i = 0; i < img.ImageDesc.Height; ++i) {
			for (uint32 j = 0; j < img.ImageDesc.Width; ++j) {
				auto clrIndex = img.RasterBits[i * img.ImageDesc.Width + j];
				auto& clrObj = colorMap->Colors[clrIndex];
				auto r = clrObj.Red;
				auto g = clrObj.Green;
				auto b = clrObj.Blue;
				auto alpha = clrIndex == transparent ? 0x00 : 0xFF;
				mColorData[(i + img.ImageDesc.Top) * mGifFile->SWidth + (j + img.ImageDesc.Left)] = (alpha << 24) | (b << 16) | (g << 8) | r;
		mTexture->fromMemory(mGifFile->SWidth, mGifFile->SHeight, mColorData);

All those wrong pixels are having the transparent color. I also tried ignoring alpha, but the color value of the transparent color is white, so it does not look any better.


I load the image using:

		mGifFile = DGifOpen(this, onRead, &mError);
		if (mError) {
			throw System::InvalidOperation(GifErrorString(mError));

		mError = DGifSlurp(mGifFile);
		if (mError == 0) {
			throw System::InvalidOperation(GifErrorString(mGifFile->Error));

Could this be an issue of giflib? The gif im using is:


Is there another library available besides giflib that is able to handle gif files? 


Thanks in advance and greetings


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