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What is the best 2D game API/Tool to use?

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What do you think is the best 2D game API/Tool to use?

I'm going to create a 2D mmo game with c++, but I'm not sure what 2D tool I should use?



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It depends...


Can you tell us more about your experience (games you already made), and the direction in which you want to take the game (will it be a mobile game, or a desktop game)?


You can use DirectX/OpenGL if you plan on doing a large project, or you can use SDL if you want to do something a little more simple.  SDL with OpenGL is always an option as well.

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Exactly like what Jazonxyz said about your experiance about C++.

you said that you want to create a 2D mmo. it is possible but networking in C++ can be a real pain in the ass.

try higher level languages like C# (C# + XNA -> Monogame) has all the features you need to create a 2D game or try Haxe.

OpenGL and DirectX also can be done in C# (then it's called SharpDX/SlimDX and OpenTK).

To make it even simple try Unty3D it now has 2D support. 


You can try C++ why the hell not Use Direct3D(Direct2D if you are not create a Windows Store app) and OpenGL

If DirectX or OpenGL is a little difficult try SDL or SFML.



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