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M3 E

Any input would be appreciated

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Hello game dev world,  I'm excited to share the development of my game with the online community.  To do so I would like to set up a simple-ish website were I could blog about The Game's progress and one that also supports forums so any interested folks could participate.  I guess I was hoping someone may know a good provider, ideally free, that could help me with what I'm looking for.


A little about The Game,


The goal for The Game is high, I'd like to create a world simulator where players compete against one another for global supremacy.  I know it's been done before, but I'd like to take a stab at doing it as a simulator.

It would be an MMO RTS, with a minor mentioning of it's RPG elements.  So it would be an MMORTSRPG.   

I want to program both the server and clients in JavaScript, ideally take advantage of threejs technology and perhaps pomelo.

Initially the graphics would showcase 3D elements but the major focus would be the AI, which you'll learn will be essential to the game's success.


I've had the idea in my head since I was in high school, which believe me, was a long time ago.  I've taken various stabs at it and have failed spectacularly over and over again.  I've also made some other really awful games, but thank my lucky stars I was able to see them for what they were and move on.  But I have hope that my next crack at this may be my last.


So imagine, logging into a virtual world that is being simulated in real time.  You, as a player, have abilities to exert influence and control over your peoples to propagate your power across the virtual world expanding your reach and dominion.  Each game session takes many weeks to a few months to complete.  You're able to log in and play when you like, and when you're offline an inessentially integrated AI takes the rains and continues what you've set into motion.  You lose once you're meek and win once you've conquered the globe.  Trade, politics, culture, military advancement and more will be the tools you'll use to expand your horizons.  Spying, blackmail, assassinations, slavery, roaming armies, banking, technology and much more will all be possible and will be dynamically integrated into gameplay rather than scripted.  One can win by being a genocidal megalomaniac, who will earn badges of dishonor; or the difficult way, through virtue and prosperity. 


Anyways, like I said the goal is just a smidge lofty.  But imagine if it could be done.

So that's why I've got a lot of work to do, so any help regarding the hosting would be helpful.

And of course any feedback regarding The Game is appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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I use WordPress for a free blog, they have "paid" versions and you can upgrade to get more features, but the basics are all available with the free edition.


Check out my blog for an example: http://cbindev.wordpress.com/


You can also use the RSS feed (they provide the link) so that you can setup a live RSS feed on your other website as well (please take a look at my website for an example of how it can look).


Hope this helps!

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