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jigsaw puzzle with java graphics2D

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hello all, i am a noob who is programming a jigsaw puzzle game, am pretty much done with piece creation (which took me hell of time) and clipping its associate piece of image by using paint, and paint context.


i created the piece using bezier technique (generalPath), used it as clip then i filled it with the image as a paint type.


now i dont knw how to proceed to select the drawn piece. (the graphic object)

can some1 please give am idea.

image.png  image.png


my codes are as follows :


all the piece are stored into an array : JigsawPiece jpArray[nColumn ][nRow ]

my piece class

public class JigsawPiece {

int pID;
int[] arrayLocation= new int[2];
int topTab=0;
int rightTab=0 ;
int bottomTab=0;
int leftTab=0;
int tileWidth= 50;
int tileHeight= 100;
double wTileRatio= (double)tileWidth/100;
double hTileRatio= (double)tileHeight/100;
Point p1 = new Point();
Point p2 = new Point();
Point p3 = new Point();
Point pieceLocation = new Point(0,0);
Point pieceBoundOffset = new Point(0,0);
Point pieceBoundCoordinates = new Point(0,0);
Rectangle pieceBound ;
BufferedImage img=null;
JigsawPaint jPaint;
GeneralPath jPiece= new GeneralPath();
JigsawPiece northPiece = null;
JigsawPiece eastPiece = null;
JigsawPiece southPiece = null;
JigsawPiece westPiece = null;

SKIPPING THE SETTER AND GETTER METHODS to avoid filling the screen for nothing.... they wrk totally fine ;)

JigsawPaint class: 

public class JigsawPaint implements Paint, PaintContext{

	protected BufferedImage bImg ;
	protected Rectangle recClip ;
	protected Rectangle userBounds;
	protected Point initialBound;
	public JigsawPaint(){
	}//close public declaration
	public JigsawPaint(BufferedImage img, Rectangle r, Point p){
		bImg = null;
		recClip = new Rectangle();
		userBounds = new Rectangle();
		bImg = img;
		initialBound = new Point(p);
	}//close public JigsawPaint with arguments 
	public void setRecClip (Rectangle r){
	}//close setRecClop
public ColorModel getColorModel(){
	return bImg.getColorModel();
}//close ColorModel

public PaintContext createContext(ColorModel colormodel, Rectangle rectangle, Rectangle2D rectangle2d, AffineTransform affinetransform, RenderingHints renderinghints)
    return this;

public int getTransparency()
    return 1;
public Raster getRaster(int i , int j, int k , int l){
	int i1 = (i - userBounds.x) + initialBound.x;
    int j1 = (j - userBounds.y) + initialBound.y;
    return bImg.getRaster().createChild(i1, j1, k, l, 0, 0, null);
}//close getRaster

my paintPuzzle method found in my jPanel :

public void paintPuzzles(Graphics2D g2){
	g2.setStroke(new BasicStroke(2F));
	System.out.println("PUzzle painting ...");
	if (jpArray!=null){
		int count=0;
		for(int i =0;i<nRow;i++){
			for(int j =0;j<nColumn;j++){
				System.out.print(count+" - ");
				g2.translate(jpArray[i][j].pieceLocation.getX(), jpArray[i][j].pieceLocation.getY());
				g2.translate(-jpArray[i][j].pieceLocation.getX(), -jpArray[i][j].pieceLocation.getY());
			}//close j loop
		}//close i loop
	}//close if statement

	}//close paintPuzzle

Guys plz help, how can i select these graphic objects ?? 
google's result is pretty confusing

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