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engine/resources suggestions for a 2D Cturn based strategy game

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Hi there,



I've been creating a 2D turn-based strategy game based on  SDL 1.2. I've seen that with SDL2 I would be able to make it run even on Android and iOS. My intention was to port this game on SDL2 but I guess it's better to re-create the whole game from the scratch.


I guess these years I've improved my programming and design skills but I have to admit I have not the knowledge of the current game industry best practices so I would love to hear your suggestions.



For the other game I created all by myself without using external libraries. I've learnt a lot but now that I'm working I've not so much time so I would prefer using some library or maybe some engine in order to save time. 


I would like to continue using C++ and free (preferably open source) libraries/engines and  I would like to make my game portable to mobile platforms as well.


The other thing I would like to know concerns arts. I spent so much time looking for free tiles, image, sprites etc.

Do you know any large resource freely usable or maybe engines where there are loads of freely usable things. 



Thank you in advance





Edit: I accidentally pressed the send button and the title is messed up :(

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So from what I gather, you already have your game in SDL1.2 and you want to port it to support iOS and Android?


as for large resource freely usable there's always


Depending on the complexity and side of your project, it might be easier and faster to just upgrade it to SDL2

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Hi Joshhua,



Thank you for  your suggestions.



Yes, I was considering that but I've decided to change a lot of things so it's not a problem to use another engine and maybe reuse some classes of my old project.



What about Qt 5? 


Do you think it would be difficult to develop a 2d turn based game with this environment?

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