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Getting Ogre to work? vc2008

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I'm having problems running the OGRE samples,


I've tried a number of OGRE sdk releases now,


I'm getting the samples to compile only with 1-7-2 version, and with other versions I get loads of linker errors


I'm using Windows 7 64-bit, but I believe it's the 32-bit sdk I need cause it's the compiler that this is related to I think


I've followed the cmake instructions from various websites, and generated the build solution for the samples but I can't run the sample browser: error 0150002: 


the instructions:


How do I run the sample browser; how do I get round this error?


thanks in advance,



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Ah, I got it to work, I had to set the source code directory in cmake to the correct src code directory, I was setting it aimlessly to the sdk directory.  I just wasn't aware the src and sdk were different - but the instructions did say point to dir with OgreMain.  Now I'm using OgreSDK_vc9_v1-7-4 and ogre_src_v1-7-4, works on this Windows 7 machine.

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