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How Is My Resume?

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I've been looking hard for a legit software engineer job. And I think I'm on the right track, but for the most part I've had no luck getting the job I want. For the most part it appears Arizona is deep into Java/.NET. I know how to write in Java and C#. I've been programming for 5 years of my life as a open source contributor and made one close source project I released for sale. I should mention I have a certificate in Object Oriented Programming. The company Stepfy, lets me use Java heavily to write web spiders to collect data. Stepfy, is a start up. So far the stock certificate is worthless, till the company starts going public in the next few months.


I'm hopping if I post my resume here I can get some better ideas how to write my resume and maybe how to job search. A lot of job agencies appear to be really iffy about my experience w/ out a bachelors in CS or 1 year of real experience. Any tips or ways to appear more attractive to employers?



I doubt this is in the right area, since I meant more Software Engineering.

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5 years of my life as a open source contributor and made one close source project I released for sale.


If you say so. You don't tell me that on paper.


Looking at that I see all filler, except for the "Stepfy" section. You have held exactly one job in your entire life, for less than one month, and provide no way to validate anything you have done.


That one job for one month as a junior programmer looks like you have set up a computer, and that's about it.




Show, don't tell.


You have about 1/3 of the space telling me you are skilled in ten different languages and fourteen different frameworks. Then you give exactly zero evidence that you can actually use them.  Eliminate "skills", as usually it is used against you rather than for you. Instead list what you did and how you did it in the Experience section and the education section.  



With your five years of work you should have quite a lot to tell me about. Even if it is a hobby project, instead of a blind link I will never type in, tell me that you developed an orange juice converter (whatever that is) written in Java that converts oranges into juice. Describe the features of the project that you are most proud of.


Tell me what you did at Fulton School of Engineering, and what it has to do with Object Oriented Programming. Don't give course names and numbers, list off favorite projects. Similarly with East Valley Institute of Technology, what did you actually do? 


Right now you have no evidence that you can do anything, not even evidence that you can hold a job or survive in school, instead it looks like you just searched the web for the names of programming languages (hint: C/C++ is not a language) and pasted them into a document.

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You make a very good point. I honestly didn't add much is because I felt like I would be over qualified, but with my lack of schooling, I should use my projects as an advantage now that you say that.



I was thinking this formatting of my experience would be good...

Project Name ..... [date]

X & Y Programmer

Makes X equal Y...


Thank you so much, it makes more sense now, looking at the other perspective. Now I just have to call some of the staffing agencies with my new resume. ;) Maybe they will give me a shot. I was thinking of maybe putting some cash on the side for another certification for kicks, but I'm not sure how good that would actually do on a resume.

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