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point Light,directional light...

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How to set lights for 3d models?, problem is , i set point light in cameraposition, when ever i revolve the camera object doesn't look good it becomes more artificial(like darker in one side and brighter in another side),and when i use directional lighting its so brighter objects becomes white how to reduce the intensity of the directional light..?and  how do i do some good real 3d lighting ..!! suggest me some tutorials or send me some links for that...! 

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Could you give more details:

1. What graphics API are you using (OpenGL,DirectX, other) ?

2. Do you have some screenshots ? (you know, pictures tell more than 1000 words).

3. Do you have some code sniplet to demonstrate how you setup your lighting ?

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If you use pixel shader you can reduce the light intensity using a factor value who is mul at the end of lighting equation :

LightIntensity * LightColor * (NdotL + SpecFactor)

About the dark zone, the result depends on your attenuation factor, the equation now become :

LightIntensity * LightColor * (NdotL + SpecFactor) * Attenuation

You can use smooth-step interpolation using Begin and End params to have easy setup.

If you have a light who is near of a plane surface, the light will not bounce like the real world.

To achieve that you have to write a Global Illumination real time or generated, using generated, you will have to not move the light.

If you are new in the world of lighting equation, I suggest you to not try to achieve Global Illumination (GI) before you understand lighting.

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