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Epsilon Space

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You can now play Epsilon Space online or download it as a desktop game. You can play against each other with different spaceships. Each one has a unique special ability, and different parameters. Now 6 ships are available, but more will come in the new updates. You can play on the same PC with your friend or online with others.


Hope you'll enjoy it!


Web: http://organicadapter.wix.com/home

Facebook: http://facebook.com/organicadapter

Wooglie: http://www.wooglie.com/games/Action/Epsilon-Space

Kongregate: http://www.kongregate.com/games/OrganicAdapter/epsilon-space

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I would like to improve my game, so if You have any idea, please write posts here, and help me make this game better.
I am working on more ships, so I appreciate any ideas about new ship abilities too.

Thanks for Your help!

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New update has been released on 14.04.27. It includes:

-fire bug fixed
-local game score reset fixed
-auto refresh host list
-new backgrounds
-ship collision upgrade
-space border upgrade

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I've had a look at your Kongregate version, and here is a list I've put together in a few minutes:


- Spelling: Please fix the spelling of ship descriptions. There are quite a few issues in there, so I can't list them all here, but be sure to have it double-checked.


- Presentation: Couple of suggestions on how to improve the visual presentation:

* Please look in my signature below (this is a game I'm developing part time). Notice the combat system:

**There are bullet impacts on the ships, which gives a feedback that it was damaged (that way, I don't need to look directly at the gauge to know there was a hit).

**The ships change color when they are hit. As someone suggested, using multiply blend would be ideal, but worst case, you can do the same as I did (shift towards red for example).

**Visual shields: One of your ship has a shield, but there's no visual to support this. I would recommend making one (notice what I've used for mines, it's a simple gradiant sphere with a sci-fi pattern in it, and I'm using a random rotation every tick to make it look fickle).

**More weapon options (notice how I've got cannons, laser bursts and missiles)

**Thruster visual (it is a nice to have, but having your thruster trails when moving in a direction would add to the immersion)

**Particle effects in general (for explosions, impacts, debris, etc.)


- Gameplay

**Collision Damage: I don't think collisions currently damage ships. They should

**Gravity vs Inertia: Currently your ships look like they have inertia dampeners (they stop moving), but it could be more fun to have them interact with Gravity as per the original Spacewar game (very very old game that is very similar to what you are doing). Would make manoeuvering more fun.



That's all I could come up with in such a short amount of time.


Good luck!


Edit: Apologies for the horrible template of this reply...

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