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Window resizing, changing styles

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Just a little irritating quirk here. I have a window that can be either fullscreen (popup window with screen res set to match window dimentions) or a regular window. When switching between the two I hide the window, change the screen res to either the windows dimentions, or the user''s default, set the window''s styles to be either popup or regular, then show it again. Works fine, but I don''t want the window to be resizeable by the user, so the maximize button and the border dragging functions are disabled. When I switch to a regular windowed mode I get the sound that corresponds to the default beep. It seems to happen the next time through my loop after the change, where the message is dispatched to WndProc. Are there messeges that are sent to WndProc that I''m ignoring or something?? Here''s my WndProc:
switch (uMsg)
	case WM_CLOSE:
			if (LOWORD(wParam) == WA_INACTIVE)
				MainWin.m_bWindowActive = false;
				MainWin.m_bWindowActive = true;
	/*case WM_SIZE:
			MainWin.m_iScreenWidth = LOWORD(lParam);
			MainWin.m_iScreenHeight = HIWORD(lParam);
			ResizeViewport(MainWin.m_iScreenWidth, MainWin.m_iScreenHeight, MainWin.m_fFOV, MainWin.m_fNearClipPlane, MainWin.m_fFarClipPlane);
		return DefWindowProc(hWnd, uMsg, wParam, lParam);

	return 0;
If anyone has any insight I''d appreciate it. ------------ - outRider -

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