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Do you like my art?

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the_cheetah    154

Looks ok. Of course there is also room for improvement.


You should start on shading - add light and shadows to your shapes to make them look more three-dimensional. Decide where you want to go with your art - game concepts, comics, illustration? For game characters, pay attention to recognizable shapes and silhouettes.


The forums at polycount and cgsociety have some great resource threads for 2D artists. Youtube has tons of good drawing tutorials as well. Keep at it.

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Kryzon    4624
I think you should scan, clean up and finalise those works.

Here's some tutorials on that (in this order):

REIQ's Line-art tutorial part 1/2
REIQ's Line-art tutorial part 2/2

REIQ's Colouring tutorial part 1/2
REIQ's Colouring tutorial part 2/2

REIQ's Effects tutorial part 1/2
REIQ's Effects tutorial part 2/2

He uses Corel Painter, but you can use GIMP or MyPaint, which are freeware.

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