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Jeff D

A few questions about VC++, DirectX SDK and Windows Versoin

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My first question is what is the difference between VC++ Introductionary version and Standard version? All I see is that you cant distribute your exe''s you make in the intro version. Second what is the differences in the VC++ Standard and Professoinal is it worth the $300? The 2 questions above are for VC++ 6.0 if that makes a difference. Third I got the DirectX 7.0 SDK is it worth it to download the 8.0a version? What really are the differences? Forth and final I got Windows ME I heard by a few that Windows 2000 or XP are great for programming is this true? Sorry if this will take a while to answer, but I am really starting to get serious about this, Im going to college to get my degree in Computer Science and also taking classes at GameInstitute.com Thx, Jeff Desrosiers

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Q1) Im not sure about this one. The only difference i know of is the one you stated.

Q2) The Pro version optimizes your code better, it has a profiler, and some extra tools. For a serious programs, pro is the way to go (or enterprise edition, but that sucker is EXPENSIVE ).

Q3) Yes you should get the DirectX8 SDK. Direct 3D is improved and it not only is easier to use but supports all kinds of new things such as the programmable geometry pipeline and per pixel programability.

Q4) Windows 2000 and XP are built on top of the NT kernel which is much more stable and seure than the old 9x kernel. Using windows 2000 or XP is a dream to program on. Those two OSes are just great. I tend to like XP better in a few ways but thats just me. Also _for me_ XP is more stable than 2k but for some reason its different for a few others. Strange.


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Ok man thx a lot Ill download the DirectX 8 SDK soon about how much money would upgrading windows to XP be?

Also this is my only computer I heard to play games with XP you need more RAM than before I mean I got 256 RAM but if I had XP would it make my games performance hurt?

Im a newbie when it comes to upgrading windows actually never did it

Also would I have to format C: and then reinstal Windows or can you delete windows and install XP or will it just upgrade from ME to XP

Another question is MFC for VC++ a good thing to learn the only possiblity that it seems it could be useful is if I wish to make a game engine out of it but Im learning that on my own and wondering if it is any good.

Sorry for more questions

Edited by - Jeff D on November 2, 2001 1:49:00 PM

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