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Simon Que

DuinoCube: A Retro Game Console You Can Hack (Kickstarter)

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Simon Que    101

In 2006, I built a game console for my senior project in college. I modeled it on the 2D consoles like Sega Genesis and SNES. Last year, I started transforming it into an Arduino-based system. Now I have completed it, after a year's work.


About DuinoCube:

    Has graphics, audio, USB gamepad, and SD card support.

    Capabilities are comparable to Super Nintendo.

    More comprehensive than other Arduino or AVR-based game systems.

    Compatible with multiple Arduino boards.

    Aimed at hobbyists who would like an easy way to develop games on a console.

About me:

    Doing this as a part-time project of my own.

    Background in embedded systems.

    Working as software engineer at a major Silicon Valley tech company.

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