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Help needed for a name

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Bob457    104

Hi guys,


first let me just say, that Im not english, so excuse my bad use of it.


Im about to finalize a game design that im really proud of. But im very bad about naming, I mean really bad...(look my nickname...). So I need your help.


To be quick on the game explanation, I hope you know Game dev Tycoon or Game Dev Story or even GameBiz, cause its near of the idea. The game takes place in a constant evolving world, technologies, movies, video games, books, are generated over time by companies that are also generated over time. The player takes part of it by beeing was he want to be. If he likes movie he can be an actor, director etc. If hes more on developing games, he can choose a role of game designer or programer. The game focus on managing the character and the company if he has one. Due to the variety of roles that the player can do, a name like "Dev Life" dont really fit. I need something more general but not to much. I was taking on something like "E-World Sim" where E stands for entertainement, but Its pretty kitsh.


I hope you have enough elements to submits some ideas for a cool game name that give a good feeling on the universe that I want to share to the player.


In hope to read you


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