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Force Feedback problems!

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myvraccount    235

I'm using:


- Windows 7 64 bit

- C# SharpDX on VS2012 Express

- Tested and fully functional Logitech Force 3D Pro


I'm experimenting with the force feedback part of the SharpDX api, and I can't get it to work.  I set up the EffectParameters the way they seem like they should be, and I constructed an Effect, but when I try to assign the EffectParameters to the Effect, it throws an exception that says that the device is not registered.  I haven't seen any functions concerning registration though.


Also, I'm not entirely sure I assigned the correct GUID.  It's vague about whether it should be the GUID for the joystick or the force feedback device itself.  Which is it?


I don't have the code with me and I'm not at liberty to send it anyway, so I don't remember what the HRESULT value is off hand, but it's probably a fairly common error.


Anyway, does anyone know what causes this or how to fix it, and better yet, is there any good guide or sample code for implementing force feedback with SharpDX, and for that matter, SharpDX guides in general would also be welcome, but the information on their site seems insufficient in some ways.


I set up my code to do what I think it's supposed to do but it's really an educated guess.  I'm not sure even how to start and stop the effect running in real time, aside from possibly assigning a trigger button.  Any info would be appreciated.



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