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Dream Cutter

Oggie's aMazing Bone Flute Hop

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Oggie's aMazing Bone Flute Hop 3D Musical Labyrinth game for Webgl Browser, Android, Mac & Win. Ver1.


My latest webgl/android project is now a multi-level labyrinth game that can be played straight from the web browser. It features the DAZ 3D's licensed figures including Undead Fiend, Slime Beast, Monster Rat and the Big Cat 2 Tiger critters Note these figures are available for game use at with a DAZ game license.

Initially the Beta featured different characters and only one level and no adversaries. Now the game progresses through a series progressively harder mazes where you must beat the clock by finding your way and avoiding distracting critters. Lots of memory optimization to be able to get the animated skydome and a game working in Android - but it does :)  

Its not perfect however I am still quite pleased with the results. What do you think? 

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