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Dammerung: Requiem for Tomorrow (playable demo)

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This is the project I've been working on for the past year or so (took a break when my daughter was getting ready for college).


The official thread for the project is HERE.

The demo can be downloaded HERE.


A detailed description of the game, characters, and features is on the official thread, as well as a consolidation of feedback I've gotten so far.

The download is a self extracting .exe that contains everything needed to play the game (game.exe).


Given the choice between putting the demo out early, having you guys tell me it sucks and why, or waiting until I think it's good enough, then putting it out and having you guys tell me it sucks and why, I'm going with the first option. That will let me get the game on the path to non-suckage faster. It is stable, there should be no game breaking bugs or issues of that nature. There are a few oddities in the text (potions land 'painful blows' when they do a critical double heal), but nothing that hinders gameplay that I've found.


Disclaimer: The game's story is intended to ask serious questions about the human condition: life, religion (no real world religions represented), sexuality (mostly handled through innuendo, entendre, and fade to black), and pretty much any other topic that can come up in a grown up conversation. It includes mild 'language'. I've tried to not put in anything I wouldn't want my 12 year old daughter seeing (well, she's older now, but she was 12 once). Then again, at nine her favorite show was Law and Order:SVU, so take that for what you will.


The game itself is a 2D jRPG style game made with RPG Maker VX Ace. It handles both keyboard or mouse control. The engine is designed for keyboard (or gamepad) input - hold your right hand over the arrow keys to move, use <Enter> for choices/actions and <Ins> on the numpad to bring up the menu or cancel. This leaves your left hand free to hold your beer cool.png


I'd be seriously grateful to anyone who takes the time to try it out and give me honest feedback (I've got thick skin, so don't hold back). The demo runs about four to five hours, and serves as the 'prologue' to the main story. There is a Big Bad at the end to give a sense of 'completion'. The choices you make are permanent (advice: save when you enter Lumina Sound) - most will bring some advantage with a possible disadvantage as well.


In the very early going, Sofia (the 'main' character) has a choice to have Jaxl (another PC) be either her lover or her friend. This choice is permanent. I wanted the freedom to have romantic moments or scenes without the player worrying about making the 'right' choices or keeping up some 'relationship score'.


Thanks again in advance to anyone willing to give it a look-see. And again, there's more info on the official thread, linked at the top.

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