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OpenGL glUniformHandleui64ARB - Invalid Operation

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So I've started learning about ARB_Bindless_texture, allowing me to use memory pointers for textures instead of binding to the limited texture units.


I currently load my textures into the GPU, read the handle using  ARBBindlessTexture.glGetTextureHandleARB(tex);


and then bind that to a sampler uniform later on when rendering. Although I get an "Invalid Oparation" opengl error when calling glUniformHandleui64ARB() to link the texture with the sampler... in the documentation, it says:


The error INVALID_OPERATION is generated by UniformHandleui64{v}ARB if the
sampler or image uniform being updated has the "bound_sampler" or
"bound_image" layout qualifier.


But I don't properly understand what this means... I've never heard of a 'bound_sampler' qualifier...


Please could someone more experienced help me out with this one... I'm stumped as the documentation is very limited at this point.



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I just implemented this a couple of days ago :) But the only samples I found on the matter only used uniform blocks to store the "pointer" :

        #extension GL_ARB_bindless_texture : require
        layout(binding = 0) uniform BindlessTexturesBuffer
            uniform uvec2 Texture0;

One more thing that made my AMD drivers just error out pixels from my desktop was that you shouldn't call glMakeTextureResident more than once, I now do a call to glIsTextureResident prior to doing that.


Other than that works ok on AMD/280X and I get a +6% performance boost just from using bindless textures.


One more thing, subsequent calls to glTexParameter will fail, I think you can't modify the sampler state after making it resident so I don't even call glActiveTexture/glBindTexture anymore when using bindless textures.

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Try this:

layout(location = 0, bindless_sampler) uniform sampler2D Texture0;
glGenTextures(1, &texture);
//set up sampler state
GLuint64 texture_handle = glGetTextureHandleARB(texture);


glProgramUniformHandleui64ARB(shader_program, 0, texture_handle);
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