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Rendering partial texture fails (otherwise known as 'I lost my puppy')

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He was a wonderful puppy, all two dimensions of him.


He came as a sprite map. The image was 512x128 pixels. I had no problem loading and rendering the full texture to the screen.


When I wanted to show a cell, or portion, of the sprite map, he ended up missing.


I understand the texture is (0,0) at the bottom-left, so I tried setting the right texture coordinates and vertex. I must not be understanding something right.


The cell I'm adding:

sprPuppy.addCell(3, 46, 24, 63, 0);  // cell (3,46) by (24,63) pixels with id 0.

Thus, I'm trying to render only a portion of the 512x128 image.


Then on render, I was trying to convert my full texture quad into a sprite quad.

        // draw Sprite
            // bottom left
            glTexCoord2f(0.0f, 0.0f);
            glVertex2f(m_x, m_y);
            // bottom right
            glTexCoord2f(m_currentCell.width / m_width, 0.0f);
            glVertex2f(m_x + m_currentCell.width * m_scale, m_y);

            // top right
            glTexCoord2f(m_currentCell.width / m_width, m_currentCell.height / m_height);
            glVertex2f(m_x + m_currentCell.width * m_scale, m_y + m_currentCell.height * m_scale);

            // top left  
            glTexCoord2f(0.0f, m_currentCell.height / m_height);
            glVertex2f(m_x, m_y + m_currentCell.height * m_scale);


Cell add method:

bool Sprite::addCell(const int x, const int y, const int width,
    const int height, const int id)
    CELL cell;

    cell.x = x;
    cell.y = y;
    cell.width = width;
    cell.height = height;

    cell.id = id;


    return true;

I'm not getting anything on the screen. I'm assuming my math is wrong. Any idea?  I also understand there are FBO's for this work, but I haven't studied on them yet. I plan to in the future, but I'd like to attempt the method above for now.

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