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How can I create this button for android game

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nollyj    102

I am new here and new to android game development. I attached a screenshot of the kind of Maths game I want to code in android. This is the condition 


Note: I don't want to use any game engine or library 


I want to use android SDK ie either to extend a View class or use the SurfaceView.


What I have in mind is to create a class that represents button with attributes for Id, Bitmap Image and color and add about 64 instances of the class to a data structure (List). 


My questions now is after I rendered the buttons on the canvas. If a user get an answer correct, the buttons click should disappeared from the canvas. I am not sure how best to make the button disappear. My guess is to draw the background color over the button that will disappear.


Please if you have a better workflow on how best to create this kind of Maths game, I will really appreciate it.


Thanks in advance

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Avalander    2412

What have you tried already?


If you use a Button or ImageView for the button, or if you extend some View class, you can just call .setVisibility(View.INVISIBLE) or .setVisibility(View.GONE) to make it disappear.

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