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WIP: The Quantum Principle

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Hi guys, a while ago I posted a thread for my game, but last week I changed the scope of the game to something much MUCH more grand. The game is now similar to Battlestar Galactica in play style. So that's why I started a new thread!
The biggest change so far is that there's now a Generation ship to defend, instead of a planet. Your Generation ship will now have to jump from point to point in the universe in search of a new homeplanet to colonize, trying to keep the population living inside of it and itself alive.
In the new version, you'll be able to research upgrades and weapon systems for your Generation ship and fighters, corvettes, drones, etc.. Command multiple squadrons of ships in combat. Manage and collect a lot of new resource types and much much more!
I'm really excited about the decision I made to change the game, it just is so much more grand than before.
Other good news is that Desura has decided to publish my game! So that's really cool too biggrin.png
I've been working hard on the new features and I'm really happy with the results so far, definitely check out the new trailer and screenshots!

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Hello everybody!
I'm still hard at work on my game, adding new features and improving it on a nearly daily basis.
Here's the latest movie, offering another sneak peak at v0.003a
In this movie you can see me sending out salvage drones to turn asteroids into smaller chunks and deliver them to the generation ship. 
Then suddenly I'm attacked by berzeker drones. After a quick and easy battle I spot another enemy on the new radar minimap. 
I take a large asteroid and use it as a makeshift shield as I slowly move towards a berzeker drone mothership! A difficult battle is finally won but I did lose most of my squadrons ...

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