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Unity Tutorials

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Thought I'd post and maybe help out some beginner, if you're interested in Unity3D!

I started my Unity adventure in University, around 2-3 years ago, and have used it ever since. It is by far the most straight forward game engine to get to grips with in all elements of Games Design. I just feel that many other engines require far too much messing around to do anything simple. Ie/ Importing an asset as basic as that may sound.

Some of you may have seen my YouTube channel and if so, hopefully you may have learn't a few things and/or thought you could do a better job! :-) I've not been programming that long within Unity itself, so am always open to advice and new ideas. I was more interested in the 3D Art to begin with.

If anyone is interested in learning some beginner tutorials, or looking for some interesting ideas to add to your games. Take a look at my channel.




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Hello and welcome to the forum.


I've used Unity a little for a 3D game and it was simple enough.


I generally just make 2D games though, because for one person, to me personally 2D is enough. I don't want to discourage anyone else from pursuing 3D though. I use Game Maker and Scirra Construct 2. I've bounced around between both awhile.


But the subject is Unity, not them. So... Unity is used for a lot of things. Android, consoles like the Wii U, etc. It is a godsend for some people, and decent enough. I've heard that you get a special Unity Pro free with a Wii U dev kit (costs up to $3000 for the dev kit), but haven't verified it. At one point, I had thought about making a Wii U game with Unity, but didn't. I owe too much money to my college for when I was enrolled to pay for the dev kit laugh.png.

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