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High-Speed 2D Platformer/Racer

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Hey fellas,


Firstly, I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong forum. Tried to do my research on where to post a self-promotion like this, and this seemed to be the best place. Anyway, as the title suggests, I've been working on a 2D Platformer/Racer for several months with a skilled team of seven. We've mostly been tackling all pre-production elements of game development, and now we've come up to the point to test if our base concept has any merit. "Project Tanuki" is the tentative title, and we've laid out all the details on the Kickstarter page for it. We have Waterflame composing our OST (guy who did soundtracks for Castle Crashers, Castlestorm, and loads more), and three exceptional artists taking care of the visuals all around. Our prototype right now is hardly an alpha build (as it takes serious money to produce an alpha) and is just a bunch of grey models, boxes, and free resources slapped together for the sake of us two programmers. Instead of showing the prototype, we tried to preview each department of content (art, audio, and logic) in a sufficient manner. We have three tracks fully produced and loads of stills and concept art to represent the game.










Hopefully, this doesn't appear like a spam post. It's a bit shameless, yeah, but I'm merely looking to a community I already know to be supportive of creative endeavers. Now, the idea of a platform racer isn't the most novel thing (there's nothing new under the sun), but we feel that the way we're approaching it justifies its existence in the first place. We've done as much work as we can on our own, and we even got back from a trip out to Japan for the sake of video and photo references to aid our artists, but now we need aid in funds to make the game. Your "read this first" topic suggests I tell a bit about past programming experience, so I'll mention that, collectively, we two programmers have either aided or fully handled projects such as Super Nuke Bros., Alpha Gunship, Marble Dash, and more. (These are small, indie title mostly.) We'll be using the commercial edition of the Unity3D engine, primarily coding in C#, JavaScript, and C++. More information is in the link above, if you're interested in helping. Thanks for your time at the very least. Best of luck in all of your own projects and collaborations.

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