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Domi Gotty Gottvald

Young developers looking for help/sponsor - Indiegogo game : Kopula (READ)

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INDIEGOGO : https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/linked-pack-kopula/x/3651165


Kopula is a 2D point-and-click survival adventure, where you have to find out how to get rid of the virus in a robot called BA-ET, who is also the protagonist. The story is taking part in two cities and the countryside around. In this way, the game will be divided into three basic color palletes and playable units. The first unit will be quantit city (Gron), where they are incurred. Basic color distribution will be black/red. Pure survival gameplay (you can die... almost everywhere). Another place will be the nature. Black stays (like everywehre else) and there will be green instead of red. The gameplay in the nature will be based on your perception. The last place will be kind of quality city (Urubnia) where the black mixes with blue. In this part you will need to think logically (there will be lots of puzzles around). We assume that the game will have 5-10 story levels,  if all goes according to plan. The game should have 5+ hours of game time.



You can collect letters and objects, that will inform you about the world, achievement hunters won’t go empty-handed either, the arms of a robot are in your hands. The game is literally stuffed with achievements, as well as easter eggs. Letters will also contain codes for bonus levels and some texts with pictures. The bonus level will be closely related to the topic. In some letters you will also find cure against antiviruses in the robot’s body. But now we get to the basic principle on which our game works. It's the best for last.





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