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[android] my first game Gravity smash, you give me a feedback please

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Hi everyone,

I am Alessio. I am an individual delevoper and i wanna introduce a new free Number Puzzle Game : Gravity Smash 






My App is a Puzzle Game, inspired by 2048, but with these key features that make it different:
1) MULTIPLE FUSIONS: the game is based on gravity, meaning that according to the direction of the swype, one of the four walls attract the tiles
2) LEVELS: the whole game is based on levels and there are a total of 14 of them
3) INCREMENTAL DIFFICULTY: The difficulty grows each time you reach a new level, since the matrix changes in some of them, starting from a 4x4 matrix, moving on a 5x5 matrix and eventually a 6x6 one. Furthermore, the number of tiles appearing each turn relays on the actual matrix.
4) TRICKS: It is possible to use some additional functions to give the user the chance to manage the game in a more strategic way
5) CHECKPOINT: It is possible to use a checkpoint after you pass a level, so that the user doesn't need to restart from the very beginnig of the game each time he/she loses, but they can start from the last level passed. Each passed levele restores your checkpoint.





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