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Stick-Online -Online 2D RPG

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Hey guys! First post here, don't worry though, I plan to become an active member in the community smile.png.


Important information:

I am not the creator of this game(I hope that's okay). The game is dying for some reasons I'll explain in a second, I have gained permission from the creator (Meiun) to post this.


Stick Online is no longer in development. This is version two of the game, version three is being worked on. A while ago the game was shut down for what we thought was forever. The game came back, except in order to support hosting you needed to donate to play. Then the creator(Meiun) decided he would open public registration once again. The game used to have around one hundred players online every time you log on. When the game shut down, as I've said, most people thought it was gone forever. This made a lot of the community leave, most of them that left don't even know it's back, or that there is a forum. This has caused a huge activity drop. This is why I'm trying to get new players.


Game Features:

Stick Online is a 2D side-scrolling MMO. Start out as level one, fight monsters to gain experience, gold, and if you're lucky, some nice drops. Interact with players and fight bosses for a chance of incredibly rare gear. Fight players, to test out your stats. Participate in tournaments where the winner will get an amazing prize!


You have 4 stats, STR(Strength), AGI(Agility), VIT(Vitality), INT(Intellect).

STR: Increases melee attack damage, and increases the amount of knockback you do
AGI: Increases run speed, jump height (for crouch jump), and attack rate
VIT: Increases max hp, defense, hp regeneration, and knockback resistance

INT: Increases max energy, and energy regeneration.


Each time you level up, you get one stat point, which can be placed in any one of your stats that you choose. The max level is 100, although 100 is incredibly difficult, and if you concur it, you get 5 stat points.



Screen shots and other media!:

http://www.stick-online.com/boards/index.php?topic=32.0 -Screenshot topic with 226 pages. (Please note, the thread was started in 2009, so some older images may be broken.)

2ewmk44.png -Players fighting the strongest boss, the Sand Golem.

3305u95.png - Players who have just slayed a snowman boss.

The Map:

Part 1- http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img404/1979/so1.png

Part 2- http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img607/614/so2f.png

Part 3- http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img705/9574/so3b.png

Part 4- http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img802/2627/so4m.png


Important Resources:

http://www.stick-online.com/boards/index.php -Forum

http://www.stick-online.com/download/public/StickOnline.zip -Download

http://v2info.stick-league.com/headgear.php -Every hat in the game.

http://v2info.stick-league.com/weapons.php  -Every weapon in the game.

http://v2info.stick-league.com/monsters.php -Every monster in the game.



I am not the creator of this game, nor am I apart of the team. All development goes to version 3 of this game. Do not expect any updates. 


Make sure to tell me anything you think I should include, or if you see mistakes I've made, or if I've done something wrong, thanks :).


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Don't be shy guys, I guarantee you'll have a good time smile.png.


I'd like to add that activity is picking up quite a bit, when you log in, there are generally around ~7 players online. That number is increasing. 


A huge bump in activity is also on it's way, around the 20th, there will be a leveling competition. Players will make a new account, and then a GM will confirm that the account is level one. After they are confirmed, they can go start leveling. The first, second, and third player to level 100 will be able to choose a item for themselves! We already have a nice amount of people that have confirmed they are going to participate, and we still have plenty of time for more people to join on in.




I hope to see you all in game!

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