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The World of Marigale

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Hello, I'm currently Working on a new Project called the world of marigale. In this project we are in need of more staff members(currently 2 members). We needs Codd who are familiar to Vb6, Mappers, and GFX artist. The game is an XW project. Once applied i will provide more detail through skype. Previous Projects I have worked on: [Spoiler] Jerrath Online Fallen Evolution Ebrowns game (never released& cannot rember the name) The World 2D The World 3D Ever Emeber online)[/spoiler] The game :( I'm horrible with story's) You start out summoned by the King of the Gods Zetou. Who has brought you to the land to help stop his Evil Brother (the God of Dawn, Baruma) Who is raising an Army of Fiends to Destroy the Marigale(The game world) Feature's: [spoiler] Mining Smithing( with the ability to upgrade your gear-for ex lv 10 smithing can upgrade gear 1% while lv 100 can upgrade 50%) Fishing Cooking Tailoring Rebirth System:(lvl 100 =RB This will be the way advance classes work. EX: 5 RB's Mage 5 RB's Warrior= Spell-sword class) Duel Wielding Fetching Dungeons With chests that spawn Random lvl based items upon completion. EOA Skills. Random Events, CTF, Arena, Maze, race, Lottery system, Random Boss Spawns, Warp to room were players can get a special In game currency for special items. PVP Tokens from Killing other players For PVP Rewards. Guilds with custom housing, wars,ranks,classes, and functions. Player housing(custom) Open world sandbox gameplay Bosses that will require parties aswell as dungeons to optimize player interaction. Once we Get GOOD pixel artists we will have custom GFX Enriched party game play Making Social interaction a big part of the game. [/spoiler] Photos Coming Soon Positions:(for now its free this may change in the future) Scriptwriters: [spoiler] 1.Ancient(Also Co Lead Project manager) 2. 3. [/spoiler] Developers: [spoiler] 1. 2. 3. [/spoiler] Pixel Artists: [spoiler] 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. [/spoiler] Mappers [spoiler] 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. [/spoiler] Writer: ( Somone To right the lore of the game. Feel Free to add me to skype: Emery.pccellular@gmail.com Here are a few Images of the Paperdoll system.

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