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Simple Rotation Question...

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tmason    326


Thanks to various members of the forum here I am 90% there. Thank you.

I am just trying to resolve one last bit and I hope someone can point me to any easy errors I am making but not seeing.

My code works except when a person looks left the camera actually rotates right. Vice versa with looking right, camera rotates left.

Any idea what I am doing wrong here? Thank you.


I retrieve the orientation from the Oculus Rift like so.

    OVR::Quatf OculusRiftOrientation = PredictedPose.Orientation;
    glm::vec3 CurrentEulerAngles;
    glm::quat CurrentOrientation;

    OculusRiftOrientation.GetEulerAngles<OVR::Axis_X, OVR::Axis_Y, OVR::Axis_Z,
       OVR::Rotate_CW, OVR::Handed_R>
       (&CurrentEulerAngles.x, &CurrentEulerAngles.y, &CurrentEulerAngles.z);

    CurrentOrientation = glm::quat(CurrentEulerAngles);

And here is how I calculate the LookAt:


    DirectionOfWhereCameraIsFacing is calculated from mouse and standing position so that you are not constantly rotating after you move your head.


    glm::vec3 DirectionOfWhereCameraIsFacing;
    glm::vec3 RiftDirectionOfWhereCameraIsFacing;
    glm::vec3 RiftCenterOfWhatIsBeingLookedAt;
    glm::vec3 PositionOfEyesOfPerson;
    glm::vec3 CenterOfWhatIsBeingLookedAt;
    glm::vec3 CameraPositionDelta;

    RiftDirectionOfWhereCameraIsFacing = DirectionOfWhereCameraIsFacing;
    RiftDirectionOfWhereCameraIsFacing = glm::rotate(CurrentOrientation, DirectionOfWhereCameraIsFacing);
    PositionOfEyesOfPerson += CameraPositionDelta;
    CenterOfWhatIsBeingLookedAt = PositionOfEyesOfPerson + DirectionOfWhereCameraIsFacing * 1.0f;
    RiftCenterOfWhatIsBeingLookedAt = PositionOfEyesOfPerson + RiftDirectionOfWhereCameraIsFacing * 1.0f;

    RiftView = glm::lookAt(PositionOfEyesOfPerson, RiftCenterOfWhatIsBeingLookedAt, DirectionOfUpForPerson);

Thank you for any help you can provide for this last piece.

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JohnnyCode    1046



DirectionOfWhereCameraIsFacing is calculated from mouse....



You have a constant 2d vector you subtract from volatile mouse 2d position- very likely. Just change the order of subtraction on the X component, it will inverse mouse horizontaly. Do not change the routine


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