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The Amoeba of Light - Follow the Dev Journey

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Well, the image gives a fairly adequate description.



The Amoeba of Light will be a platform-adventure game that allows for player creativity and autonomy. The primary way this is done is by the game's physics engine: I want the gamer to be able to use almost anything in the environment to advance in the game. Nature is the setting: fire, tree branches (which you may be able to break off freely, by the way), rapid streams, exotic fruit, vines, and microorganisms are some of the objects one can interact with to advance in the game world.


Did you notice I said "microorganisms?" The game is about amoebas. Not a unique concept by itself; however the ideas behind the game are one-of-a-kind. The Amoeba of Light is built around a compelling and intruiging story--the story elements, which will be composed in quality cut-scenes, will flow almost seamlessly with the gameplay. Though the story isn't determined by the gameplay, the player will feel like they're "playing a movie."




The characters are believable. The story is unique.

The story involves finding a treasure...but that's all I'm going to say now.


Want to follow the development? I've started a blog!


I plan to post at least once a week. God willing, all the features I'd like to implement will be put into the game.

Thanks for reading. (By the way, the title is tentative).



“I wonder how much they're worth?” asked Amoenu. “The pages I'm not sure—but the words. Now those are priceless...”

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