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Game server platform

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I've been working on building a game for the first time, and noticed that I've been spending a lot of time putting together different server-side components that I needed for the game.

I had a realization that I could pretty easily expose these components that I built as a generic platform that could be used by many different games.

I'm not sure, but it seems to me that there are many other games out there that could benefit from or which require the same types of server-side components, and that lots of game devs might be rebuilding the wheel if everyone is coming up with their own custom solutions for this.

I did do a bunch of research to see if there was anything already out there before I started building this server-side stuff, and there really wasn't anything that I liked or that worked in the way I wanted it to - and lots of the options were also very expensive.

So, I was wondering if anyone would be interested if I made these server-side components available as a platform that you also can use?  I'd have to do a bunch of work to detangle them from my game and make them generic, but that might be good to do anyway.

I can give more details of what functionality these components provide if folks are interested, but here's a summary:

The servers run in the Amazon cloud, and I'm using an autoscale approach so that (I think) I can handle an arbitrary amount of load.

There are a bunch of REST APIs provided by these servers for doing different kinds of things, including:

- Validation for android and iOS in-game purchases.

- Execution of critical portions of game logic on the cloud servers. I'm using this specifically for game logic around the in-game purchases, so that nobody can come up with exploits to cheat the game.

- Storage for game data on the servers.  This also is so that nobody can hack the save files to cheat the game - but I also wanted this for users who have the game installed on multiple devices.

- The combination of server-side game logic execution, purchase validation, and storage makes it (I think) basically impossible for someone to pirate my game.

I set things up in a way that it's very easy to deploy the game logic that's run on the servers, and it doesn't change or disrupt the way my code is organized.

If people are interested in this, I might spend the time to clean up what I've built and make this generally available to everyone. Let me know.

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