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glEvalMesh2 w/ glutSolidSphere

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Hi, I''m having a bit of problem in my program when I attempt to create a 2D Bezier surface with glEvalMesh2 AND create a glutSolidSphere. The Bezier surface works just fine alone; however, when I add glutSolidSphere anywhere in the program, the Bezier surface is no longer lit correctly. Anyone know where my problem may be coming from?

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Well, I figured out how to fix the problem... though why this works, I''m really not sure. After making a call to glutSolidSphere (or gluSphere), the glNormal seems to be modified. Changing it back to (0,0,1) seems to allow the Bezier curve to be lit properly.

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check out the source to glut to see whats happening

glutSolidSphere(GLdouble radius, GLint slices, GLint stacks)
gluQuadricDrawStyle(quadObj, GLU_FILL);
gluQuadricNormals(quadObj, GLU_SMOOTH);
/* If we ever changed/used the texture or orientation state
of quadObj, we''d need to change it to the defaults here
with gluQuadricTexture and/or gluQuadricOrientation. */
gluSphere(quadObj, radius, slices, stacks);

gluSphere generates its own normals thus the last normal used will be the current normal when u leave the function

use glGetFloat(...) with GL_CURRENT_NORMAL to find the currently active normal

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