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fast matrix4x4 and vec4 multiply. SSE?

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fread    240
hi guys, I'm looking for fast matrix4x4 per Vec4/vec3 multiply. It might be an SSE code or something like this. Would this bring a big speedup to my C++ code? Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

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Zaoshi Kaba    8434

It depends on how many such operations you perform. I managed to achieve 11x speedup in one particular case which had matrix multiplication + other code.

	__m128 vec_x = _mm_permute_ps(vector4, 0x00);
	__m128 vec_y = _mm_permute_ps(vector4, 0x55);
	__m128 vec_z = _mm_permute_ps(vector4, 0xAA);
	__m128 vec_w = _mm_permute_ps(vector4, 0xFF);

	// assume mat4_1, mat4_2, mat4_3, mat4_4 are matrix's components (I think rows)
	__m128 res0 = _mm_mul_ps(vec_x, mat4_1);
	__m128 res1 = _mm_fmadd_ps(vec_y, mat4_2, res0);
	__m128 res2 = _mm_fmadd_ps(vec_z, mat4_3, res1);
	__m128 res3 = _mm_fmadd_ps(vec_w, mat4_4, res2);
	// return res3; because it's transformed vector4.

	// for vector3 your mat4_4 and vec_w are just zero, so remove them altogether

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JohnnyCode    1046

in first place, you should work with interleaved arrays, as for the matrix, and for the vector. And cache the parameters.


void transform4x3mat(float* mat, float* vec,float* res)


// cache vec values in case the res points to same vector

float x= *vec;  

float y=*(vec+1);

float z=*(vec+2);

float w=1.0;// see , most likely always 1, so you do not need to multiply 4 column by w at all





*(res+3)=x*(*(mat+12))+y*(*(mat+13))+z*(*(mat+14))+(*(mat+15)); // in case of projection matrix (included), compute this 4th compenent of result, else set straight 1



this function does colum matrix transformation, assuming row layout of matrix in memory.

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