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RPG Question -- Will it work?

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Hello, and thanks for taking a look at my post here. First, some backround info: My team is currently working on a game called Topia 9. Topia 9 is a Isometric Sci-Fi/Action/Rpg that will have alot of new concepts, which (as far as I have seen) never been done before. My latest idea to incorporate into the design is this: Having the whole inventory system, skill system,and XP system connnected to the players Vio-Haptic suit. I have my definition of the Vio-Suit below: //Definition Vio-Haptic Suit AKA Vio Suit: Description Long ago, when the land of Topia 9 was still new, and the population was not anywhere as near as dense, there was a large problem. As their planet was very close to the sun, and the Topians were atleast slightly nocturnal, there soon came the invention of the Vio-Haptic Suit. The Vio-Haptic suit is a slightly bulky, well-muscled suit of metal plating that covers the Topians flesh from the sun, as well as augmenting their senses and abilities. Soon, the Topian grew used to the sun, but most decided to wear the vio-suits anyway, since it helped in other areas so much. Now, it is pretty much completely unbelievable that a Topian would go with out his or here Vio Suit, and that Topian is shunned as an idiot. Basic Defense: 25 In our game, the players Vio-Haptic suit will be his/her best friend. The suit allows the player to upgrade all of his senses, physical and mental, including the following (called Vio Skills): Vision Strength Magical Abilities Speed Stamina Accuracy Defense Cloaking Radar Invisibility Stealth {And of course the added defense it adds, which begins at 25} Throughout the game the player will be able to upgrade his Vio Suit, to a point where it is awesome in power… At a certain level of upgrades (maybe every upgrade is at 4 the first time, then 9, then 12) you have to find or do a side mission for a higher upgrae of a suit. For example, maybe you start with the Basic Vio Suit. Then after a while, you hae upgraded all things up to 4, you must find the Plated Vio Suit, and so on. You upgrade your Vio Skills by getting XP, and than going to the screen and putting the XP towards a Vio skill. You would also use your Vio-Suit as a inventory. You owuld bring up a picture of the suit, wit hspaces where special items can go, such as infrared goggles and that sort of thing, plus a large space for additional items that you get (also weapons) //End of definition So, what does everyone think? This would make it so it wouldn''t be quite so "regular" of an RPG, and I think this would bee a cool idea... Input needed! Leading the Industry in Mental Piracy...

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The idea is cool, the problem is : how can you upgrade ?
What is the history of the suits, why are they upgradable.. ?

If you answer those questions in the game you''ll make it deeper than if you don''t. The suits will change from ''element of gameplay'' to ''element of the world'', which will make the game more beleivable.

just my 2 cents of €.

-* So many things to do, so little time to spend. *-

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