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BMFont solution can't find standard include files in VS 2010

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I downloaded the source code of BMFont from and installed in standard folder for VS 2010 projects, My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\BMFont.


When I open main.cpp or other files of the solution, the errors are shown on all the standard includes:


"cannot open source file windows.h",

and so on.


Other my projects find all includes.

In "VC++ Directories" of "bmfont Property Pages" there are the settings for include paths:


C:\Progs\Sys\DirectX SDK\Include;$(VCInstallDir)include;$(VCInstallDir)atlmfc\include;$(WindowsSdkDir)include;$(FrameworkSDKDir)\include;$(DXSDK_DIR)Include


It seems everything should work, but it doesn't.

Why? Does bmfont somehow rewrites standard variables such as $(VCInstallDir)?

How to check or correct that, I don't know. I'm rather new in all this.

Could you help?

Thank you.

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BMFont is doesn't do anything differently with regards to the include directories. Perhaps the problem is because the project files from the SVN are for MSVC 2012, and not MSVC 2010.


Try creating a new project on your own and include the source files in it.


Or try upgrading MSVC. There is even a version 2013 now. 

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I have set "bmfont Property Pages" - "VC++ Directories" - "Platform Toolset" to v100, as in my other projects, instead of v110. I hope it's OK.

It seems that solved the problem.

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