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PlayCanvas WebGL Game Engine Goes Open Source

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The PlayCanvas WebGL game engine is now open source. Access the repo on GitHub here:


Read a blog article about the tech going open source on Mozilla's Hacks blog:


It's a full game engine with graphics engine, integrated physics engine (built on top of Bullet), audio, input and entity-component system.


There are some pretty cool projects that have been built on the engine. For example, check out the in-browser editor:




Superficially, it looks a little like a streamlined version of any other visual game editor - but it's realtime collaborative (like Google Docs) and can be loaded on any device with a 'modern' web browser - Android, Chrome OS, and coming soon to iOS8. And because it's a browser app, it's always up to date with nothing to download/install.


To access the tools and community, head here:


Let us know what you think! smile.png

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