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OpenGL Can I use Unity/OpenGL w Openlase, opensource linux graphics engine based off openGL that drives lasers?

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Hi, this might be a strange question. But there are these collections of programs for using a sound card to communicate with a laser projector, (which are powered mirrors with a laser,) called OpenLase. And in OpenLase there is a framework called "libol" which is the graphics engine. Appranatly it is 'similar' and based off OpenGL, even if simpler, it is still a dynamic graphics engine.

If I made something in unity, would it be possible for me to export it to some kind of code format, and then modify the openGL part of that code to fit in libol in some way? Could I write a game that in the end, used libol in the OpenLase collection of applications as the display engine, thus running the game through the laser projector?

The laser projector is limited to how much it can draw at a time, but for lines, an amount of simple shapes, it would be fine.

But if anyone is curious or could help me out, I have no idea how this would go. This is the github/ files for libol:

and the github/ files for a simple example using libol that rotates two spinning 3d cubes. The first is the python version, then the c version.

If anyone is curious about openlase, here is the blog post by its creator.

p.s. it might also be worth noting somebody has ported openlase to OSX

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